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Thought Partner Group is a company devoted to the "whole business", using personal branding approaches to amplify value within businesses (large and small), and using business thinking to build and broadcast content that drives economic growth.

Our processes, systems, and programs help entrepreneurs of all varieties. The RESONATE Engine™ is an affordable workhorse, helping entrepreneurs to land high-ticket clients in a new way, while amplifying their voice and personal brand. We have value-based pricing, and we have entry-level DIY options, as well as bespoke agency-level consulting and corporate programs.

If you are interested in our higher-level offerings, please reach out and schedule a quick get-to-know-you call here.

If you are interested in our DIY offerings, stay tuned via our social media and newsletter!

Please also note that we have partnered with a company that provides affordable financing for all of our offerings, in case you would like to invest in yourself, but would like to pay over time. Here's a link to their site:

Yup. We're a little different. We get results.


4-6 weeks | $2500

  • Fully-customized RESONATE Engine™, automation-ready & prepped for launch.
  • Copywriting, marketing content, and sales messaging that targets ideal clients
  • Personal brand assets, including bio, show description, image consulting, and more, to use across social web
  • Monetization strategy for podcast and social media
  • Customized content calendar for social media
  • Branding, planning, and execution of interview-based podcast, designed and produced in a way that will attract clients
  • Professional sound engineering by a team of internationally recognized studio engineers
  • Podcast cover artwork designed by award-winning design team
  • Quality high-definition licensed music composed for use in podcast teaser, and show intro and outro
  • Executive production and showrunner support
  • In-office or in-home studio development support (including guidance from our engineers to purchase and help set up all hardware and software)
  • And Much More...
  • Active connection campaigns that drive acquisition of high-ticket clients
  • Audience identification and laser-targeting
  • Intelligent automation and drip email and newsletter sequencing and programming
  • Podcast trailer & first 5 Episodes of the podcast recorded, executive produced, and distributed to as many as 17 global podcast networks, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Luminary, iHeartRadio, and RadioPublic.
  • Sales and closing strategy, including "heart close" process that creates consultative sales via conversations, not traditional "hard selling" or "closing" techniques.
  • Activation of strategic content calendar, with up to 50 pieces of content from the first 5 published interviews, across all social media channels, including:
  • Automated Content-Distribution Strategy and Implementation
  • Six Months of Social Media Content Scheduled Across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • And Much, Much More...

2 — LAUNCH Phase

  • Long-term relationship building operations
  • Endless stream of potential ideal clients seeking you out
  • Growth of community of like-minded followers
  • Authority & credibility, as well as reputation capital
  • No more social media stress and useless conversations or systems
  • High-level conversations with individuals genuinely interested in your niche
  • Leveraging other thought leaders' audiences to build your own "lists" on email and social media
  • No ads, ever (until you hit a minimum of $40k/month revenue)
  • Ongoing support from our team of experts
  • More time for things that matter in your life
  • More time to focus on revenue in your business
  • The legacy you always imagined you could have
  • More revenue (if you play your cards right)
  • Sound good?



The Ignition Phase is designed to be a standalone product as well as the first phase of the RESONATE Engine™. Although Thought Partner Group does not offer refunds, the client may walk away with all of the benefits listed above, should they not want to continue with the three phases of the complete RESONATE Engine™.

4-6 weeks | $2500


Check out our financing options here:

The Launch Phase, much like the Ignition Phase, is designed to be a standalone product, as well as the second phase of the RESONATE Engine™. The client may walk away with all of the benefits listed above following the second phase of work, and we do not stake any claim to the produced content from our clients.

That's it! We often work with our clients for years, because they like the approach of never having to sell again, building their voice while creating content, so that they never have to worry about social media again... And we even help clients generate so much revenue that they decide to work with us on growing their businesses (through our Business Architect program) and their authority platforms (through our ghostwriting, publishing, curriculum building, LMS development, etc.). Long story short, we want to see our clients grow. This is because we are obsessed with impact, and there's only so much that we can do all by ourselves. So, let's change the world, what do you say? It all starts with your voice, and with RESONATE Engine™.

You're thinking about ROI (return on investment)? Wondering if you should spend a pile of money on another program? Just plain worried? Well, we'll just write a few more points for your consideration.

A. We were founded by a guy who brought a company to Wall Street and has been in business for 40 years, and his PhD buddy, a TED speaker who has been a professor and book publisher for nearly 20 years and has had 1/2 billion views in social media. In other words, they've done something, and they only started this program so they can make a bigger impact on the world, by helping YOU fulfill your dream.

B. An earlier program we ran during the lockdown in 2020, called "The CORE Program", did business acceleration. Here's what people said about that program.

C. We believe in results. Many "programs" out there will give you the tools, but not teach you how to use them. And they expect 80% of their participants to fail. Sound familiar? That's not where we come from, and that's not what we expect. We work hard to help every one of our clients succeed, and our systems are designed for success.

D. There are no guarantees in life, but if you put the hard work in, and you work with our RESONATE Engine™ for one phase, or for months or years, we truly believe you will be able to think about the "two comma club" or "seven figures" instead of "making ends meet" or "one more shot before I shut the doors".

E. Questions? Watch the videos on these two pages, and then please reach out to us, and we'll be happy to have a conversation with you about taking the next best step.


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